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Nurse Practitioner OnCall is a unique telephone triage service that works in conjunction with your answering service. Our team of highly skilled nurse practitioners follow evidence-based protocols to evaluate your patient's needs including diagnosis, treatment and referral. Working under the direct supervision of a Medical Doctor, our team operates around the clock so you don't have to. 


Our after hours medical triage service is available 24/7 and is very affordable for the average office. When you sign out for the evening or weekend, our Nurse Practitioners begin to work for you! Whether you're vacationing or just enjoying some time at home, let Nurse Practitioner OnCall give the peace of mind you and your practice deserve.


How it works


Once you have decided to engage Nurse Practitioner OnCall, your practice will be assigned a nurse practitioner who will receive calls in real-time via your answering service. They will evaluate the medical issue, treat with prescribed medications, or refer to an emergency room. All calls are logged in on an encounter form like this one and sent to the physician's office as they come in. 




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